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  • Code

  • G00SI24 - G00SI25 - G00SI29
  • Description

  • KONIX universal silencer right
  • Weight (kg)

  • SPARK 1,3 kg vs STOCK -
  • Compatibile bikes

  • Exhausts UNIVERSALI

Available materials

  • titanium
    KONIX ( not approved )

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G00SI24 - L.300mm D.54

G00SI25 - L.300mm D.60

G00SI29 - L.300mm D.65

Konix silencer, titanium conical body, sharp-edged endcap, with a charming sound and aggressive design.
In WSBK championship ensures excellent performance as well as the correct sound level, according to the dB regulation of many European circuits. The same silencers are available also for all enthusiasts who want to give a sporty and unique look to their bike.

In order to combine attractive aesthetics with the possibility of use on the track and on the road, Spark designed the silencer in order to install an optional dB killer, easily removable, for an exaggerated sound.

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