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Specialized and passionate about the Ducati brand from the very beginning, Spark Exhaust R&D department has worked extensively to make the Ducati PANIGALE V4 R / S unique with different exhaust proposals, full systems and half-systems (¾ kit which to keep the original collectors to cylinders). With the experience gained in the Superbike World Championship with Eugene Laverty, Micheal Rinaldi - winner of the TOP INDEPENDENT TEAM and TOP INDEPENDENT RIDER titles in 2020 - and  Philipp Ottl with Team Go Eleven, Spark offers both the WSBK Replica full systems as well as other versions to be able to go on racetrack with maximum performance, in compliance with the noise limits on Italian and international circuits.

In the light of the optimization and development carried out in the winter months together with the Superbike teams, have been improved and updated the proposals already on catalog in view of the 2023 season.

Below you can find the new Evo 2023 versions for Ducati Panigale V4/R/S:


They are the perfect solution for those looking for a product to use on the track to improve the performance without changing the original collectors.

The collectors are available in TITANIUM and STAINLESS STEEL, with manual TIG welding. Different silencers can be combined, to reach different sound levels.
On all silencers it is possible to install a removable db killer.


- 3/4 LATERAL SYSTEM with TITANIUM collector + GRID-O silencers (GDU8841T)

- 3/4 LATERAL SYSTEM with STAINLESS STEEL collector + GRID-O silencers (GDU8840+GDU8841ST)

- 3/4 LATERAL SYSTEM with TITANIUM collector + FORCE EVO silencers - 107dB (GDU8840T)



- 3/4 UNDERSEAT SYSTEM with TITANIUM collector + GRID-O silencers - 105dB  (GDU8839T)

- 3/4 UNDERSEAT SYSTEM with STAINLESS STEEL collector + GRID-O silencers - 105dB (GDU8842T)

- 3/4 UNDERSEAT SYSTEM with TITANIUM collector + DYNO silencers (GDU8847T)

- 3/4 UNDERSEAT SYSTEM with STAINLESS STEEL collector + DYNO silencers  (GDU8840+GDU8847ST)


Given the more and more strict requirements for low dB level on the international circuits, Spark introduces a new version with rectangular silencers which allows you to hit the racetrack with maximum performance being within 102 dB at 5500 rpm without db killers (with the optional dB killer, the sound level drops below 100 dB).

- 3/4 UNDERSEAT SYSTEM with TITANIUM collector + RECTANGULAR silencers (GDU8838T)


With great pride and emotion Spark and Team Go Eleven once again confirm their collaboration for 2023 season bringing a great news on the Ducati V4R system.

The full titanium system has been designed taking due consideration of the new tank dimensions and the 2023 WSBK swingarm. This new version displays 2 brand new Dyno silencers undertail, full titanium with carbon end cap.

- WorldSBK EVO 2023 FULL SYSTEM: FULL TITANIUM (GDU8843T) -  this product can ONLY be installed WITH WSBK 2023 TANK AND SWINGARM

- WorldSBK 2019-2022 FULL SYSTEM: FULL TITANIUM (GDU8835T) - with 3D printed INCONEL vents

For those looking for a complete system that brings together all the work done in close contact with the teams in the world championship, the same cutting-edge technologies such as the 3D printed INCONEL vents, the full titanium Replica Wsbk systems are available with particular collectors allowing installation on stock motorbike.

- FULL SYSTEM EVO 2023: FULL TITANIUM collector + 2 GRID-O silencers - 105 dB (GDU8845T)

- FULL SYSTEM EVO 2023: FULL TITANIUM collector + 2 DYNO silencers (GDU8846T) - it is the same Wsbk system but collectors allow correct installation with the standard tank and swingarm

- FULL SYSTEM EVO 2023: FULL TITANIUM collector + 2 RECTANGULAR silencers - 102 dB (GDU8844T) - for customers searching for the highest performance within 102dB

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