Spark is the brand by Vecchi s.r.l., a company certified ISO 9001:2015 and specialized in the production of high performance exhaust systems for cars and motorbikes since more than 40 years, historic supplier of prestigious companies such as Bmw, Aprilia, Amg, Lamborghini, Porsche and many other automotive companies.

Why Spark exhaust technology?


By working with the most prestigious automotive OEMs, the company acquired the experience, know-how and technologies to build exhaust systems at the highest level. Then, Spark adds to technology and experience its passion for two wheels, for unique exhausts with strong identity.


Each Spark project starts with the development of drawings and the creation of prototypes undergoing many tests. Then, Spark produces in-house all molds and toolings for the production of every single component of the exhaust, so as to assure constant control and high quality standard to the final product.


Each Spark exhaust system is unique, specifically designed and manufactured for each single motorbike. Collectors’ and silencers’ shape, diameters, fittings and many other details are designed in order to enhance the line and the performance of each model.


Raw materials of the highest quality allow Spark to obtain a product of design, light and reliable. We offer silencers in carbon fiber, titanium, stainless steel and dark style (black stainless steel, electrocolored).

DYNO and TEAM tests

Each Spark exhaust undergoes a comparative bench test with the original and other aftermarket exhausts, in order to ensure the best performance.
Moreover, full systems are developed in cooperation with important racing teams and tested on the most famous world tracks.


Homologated exhausts are approved by the Italian Ministry of Transports both for noise level and polluting emissions.
Where the original exhaust includes a catalyst, Spark provides special catalysts, highly soaked with noble metals (platinum, rhodium, palladium) that significantly improve the performance of the original motorbike.


The pursuit of the best sound is a primary aim.
This is why Spark is always looking for the most suitable volumes and db killers and uses first quality insulating materials.


Each Spark exhaust is produced with passion and contains many details that have been handled with handicraft care.
Spark works together with customers with great attention and dedication. Thanks to flexible structure and productive ability Spark creates tailor-made projects for its customers, according to their specific requirements.

SPARK by VECCHI s.r.l.

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